About Escape Rooms

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a team based experience, which requires you to solve puzzles and complete tasks in order to escape or complete the game. Escape Rooms are normally themed and designed with a back story, that allows everyone to be come immersed.

Will we be locked in?

No. You can leave our games at any time, whether it's because you need a break or just to pop to the toilet, be warned though; the clock will continue to count down without you.

How long does the experience last?

All of our games last for 60 minutes, if you're really good you may complete our games faster, as a result we have a live leaderboard available to see in our reception and on our website, under a games individual page.

Can children play?

Anyone can play, although players under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

I already booked, can I add more people?

Yes! All our games are private, so you can do this over the phone, by email - or simply do it when you arrive for your game!

Do you have parking?

You can park next door at Sainsbury's for £1 an hour.

I'm pregnant, can I still play?

Of course, most of our games do not invbolve crawling/physical elements that will prevent you from playing...we'll even place a seat in the game if you request it. Just check the games individual page on our website for more information, or reach out to us.

Do you offer corporate bookings or special occasions?

Yes & yes, please get in touch by email and we'll do our best to accommodate you: [email protected].

Bookings and Refunds

Can I cancel or change my booking?

As an event based service, we're unable to offer refunds, but we will happily reschedule if enough notice is given.

How is my card information handled?

Online payments are taken using WorldPay's Merchant tools, please visit them here.